MichelleHello Ladies, I would like to welcome you to Lipgloss And Goss on behalf of myself and all the Lipgloss And Goss team.

I hope that you will enjoy reading all the great features about all our favourite topics of conversation, ‘and some new new ones besides,’ written by all the fabulous women looking forward to sharing their experiences, knowledge and opinions with you all. The majority of the writers are all amateur’s and this is the first time that they have done anything like this and they are all doing a brilliant job and more importantly enjoying themselves.

Lipgloss And Goss will be positive, interesting, inoffensive, fun, and uplifting, ‘oh and sometimes maybe a little bit mischievous,’ with something for everyone, negativity simply will not come into the equation.

We are also aiming to give women inspiration and maybe instil some confidence in them and an example of this happened just the other day.

I was out filming a video with our roaming presenters Chris and Craig Bieszke, ‘well Craig is more of a Romeo presenter actually,’ and we met some lovely women who obliged us with an interview. ‘Thank you very much for your time ladies.

We approached two young women, ‘who turned out to be mother and daughter,’ and went on to do an interview with them, that night when I checked my emails there was one from the daughter Layla, she had loved everything we had told them on initial introduction of ourselves then the site. She felt inspired to write to me requesting that I would consider her, ‘as a fashion student with a great passion for this,’ to write features for the site as part of her work experience.

When I contacted her she admitted that she never expected to even get a response but I really admired her initiative and asked her to write an article about staple pieces for a students wardrobe and budget, before the end of the day she had written an excellent piece that wouldn’t seem out of place in a magazine. Needless to say that I am more than happy to have Layla write for the site anytime.

So in summary we all like to feel special and we aim to help you achieve this with a website that is very different, I believe that we have the potential to bring out the creativity in all women, hoping to capture your imagination. You are all welcome to get involved with posting inspirational videos amongst lots of other things along the way. Also giving you great recommendations that have come from myself as well as all of you in the handbook so you can lead an exciting social life where ever you are, with hopefully no disappointments.

You never know maybe one day I will be able to write my own inspiring feature for you all to read about the success of Lipgloss And Goss which is my dream and may soon be a reality. Thank you ladies.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people. Firstly all the fantastic women who actually gave this, ‘sometimes over enthusiastic women,’ who approached them their time and listened to what I had to say and are now writing for the site. Also my family and friends who supported me over the last few months while I constantly jabbered on about Lipgloss And Goss. David and Robbie who have given me lots of encouragement and advice and finally, ‘ I know you thought I’d forgotten you,’ the wonderful Mr John Muirhead, ‘my web designer,’ who has actually managed to shut me up on occasion so he can tell me how things are progressing with this vision that he has been instrumental in turning into a reality.

I really couldn’t have done this without you all.